EASY 4 Step Eye Shadow Tutorial

easy eyeshadow tutorial

Here is a quick video tutorial on how you can achieve day time smokey eyes in just 4 simple steps! This 4 step technique is super easy and perfect for busy mornings and makeup beginners.

In the video, I use Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, but you can use any eye shadows as long as you have these 3 shades: light, medium, and dark.

I also show you how you can transform your day time eye makeup into sexy night-time, party-perfect eyes just with eyeliner, a bit more shadow, and Nubounsom mink lashes

Here’s my video tutorial!

SEPHORA Mini Glitter Liner Set

IMG_8336 (1)The Sephora Collection Mini Glitter Liner Set launched during 2014 holiday season.  This is sold exclusively online and is a limited edition item.  So hopefully you can go get your own before it runs out!  This glitter liner set comes with five colors in Evening Blue, Mystic Teal, Majestic Purple, VIP Gold, Sweetheart Pink.  I think this set comes with just the right amount of versatile colors.  I think having silver glitter in this set would have been absolutely perfect, but silver glitter liner is easy to find in many different brands.

The gold and pink are very glittery but cannot be used alone as liners.  I would use the gold and pink mostly to add sparkle to my eyeshadows.  The purple, teal, and blue are very pigmented and sparkly, and these colors can be used alone as liners.  These glitter liners were very easy to put on and easy to take off as well.  And at $16, it was a very good deal for an awesome collection of glitter liners.


How to wear these glitter liners:

1. You can wear these glitters as liners by themselves.

2. You can also wear these glitters on top of eyeshadows.

3. You can use these glitter liners as an adhesive for loose glitter.

4. You can wear the glitter liner on top of black eye liner to make the black sparkly.

5. You can “frost” (add glitter) to false eyelashes.


Here’s a video of swatch and full review of the five glitter liners.  I always swatch makeup on my face, especially on YouTube videos because makeup is meant to be worn on your face, not on your hands or arms.  I think swatching makeup on the face really shows the true colors of makeup and how it will look on your FACE, not on your arms and hands 🙂

I plan on having the Sephora Mini Glitter Liner Set as one of my giveaway items in spring of 2015 (probably March or April) so subscribe and stay tuned!

AFFORDABLE, Luxurious Nubounsom Mink Lashes

Luxurious MINK lashes are so much more affordable than you might think.  I thought they were out of my budget until I actually sat down and did the math.

Most Nubounsom Mink lashes are currently on sale for about $24.  They are $35 at full price and you can wear them up to, or about 25 times.  AND I have a discount code that will give you 20% off! So let’s do the math before anything else.

At $24 sale price with my 20% off discount code (just type in sarahsori at checkout), your cost comes down to $19.20  When you divide that by 25 (the number of times you can wear the Nubounsom Mink Lashes), the cost per wear for these mink lashes are $0.77!!! So take advantage of this sale!

$24 – $4.80 (20% off with discount code sarahsori) = $19.20

$19.20 / 25 (number of times you can wear the lashes) = $0.77 (your cost for every time you wear the lashes)

When the sale ends and the prices go back up to $35, at $35 full price and with my 20% off discount code ( sarahsori ), your cost comes down to $28.  When you divide that by 25, (the number of times you can wear the Nubounsom Mink Lashes) , the cost of wearing these mink lashes comes down to $1.12 per wear.  Amazing, isn’t it? Only about ONE DOLLAR per wear to own your own Nubounsom Mink Lashes. And what’s even more amazing is that shipping is free with purchases of $30 or more for those of us in USA.

$35 – $7 (20% off with discount code sarahsori) = $28 (your price at checkout)

$28 /25 (number of times you can wear the lashes) = $1.12 (your cost for every time you wear the lashes)

Lets compare that with any regular lashes you will find at Target or at your local drug store which sell around $4 or $5.  I usually get two or three wears out of them, and the cost per wear ends up being something around $2.



Now that you know how affordable and downright reasonable and friendly the price of the mink lahses are, let me tell you more about them.

Nubounsom Mink Lashes are 100% authentic mink hair lashes.

– Animal friendly and cruelty free (this is very important to me as I love my furry friends)! They are collected from free range zoos during their shedding cycles and are recycled and sterilized to be safely used as mink lashes.

– The 100% natural mink hair is free from any chemical processing or dye (This is so important because the eyes can be quite sensitive)

– All lashes are custom designed and hand made, so you can be assured that there’s special care and dedication that went into making every single one of these lashes.


In this video, you will see me try on 10 of the Nubounsom Mink Lashes.  You will be amazed at the night and day difference these lashes make on my hooded, Asian eyes.





Shimmery Gold Holiday Makeup

In this post, I will tell you step by step process and all the products I used to create this shimmery gold makeup that I did for the Christmas Ornament Headband Tutorial video on YouTube.  You can skip the forehead drawing and the headband and it will be a perfect, wearable look for the holidays. You can click on any of the underlined products to check them out.



FACE:  SmashBox “Photo Finish” Foundation Primer.  Makeup Forever HD Foundation with Sigma Flat Kabuki Brush (this brush really is amazing.  It gives an airbrushed look when used to apply liquid foundation). MAC Concealer to highlight.  MAC Studio Finish Pressed Powders to set using a Too Faced Powder Pouf Brush.  (Remember that tools and brushes are just as important as makeup itself!)


EYEBROWS: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder in Ebony using MAC Small Angled Brush.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Dark Brown to define the arches using the same brush.


IMG_7262EYES: Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer.  Lorac Pro Palette : Champagne all over the lid, White and Nude just below the brows, Gold on the inner and mid eyelid, Garnet in the outer corner and under the eyes, Deep Purple for the outer V and crease.  MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack to line using a Stila Double Sided Brush #15 .  Kokolashes in Goddess applied using DUO Lash Glue.


ARTWORK ON FOREHEAD:  Swarovski crystals applied with DUO Clear Lash Glue.  Silver lines drawn with NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Silver.  Silver glitter using NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Silver and  Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner L


Lips: NYX Lip Liner in Espresso.  NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream in Covet.  NYX Wicked Lippies in Stone Cold on the middle of bottom lip.


CONTOUR: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit using a MAC Large Angled Contour Brush #168.


IMG_7258BLUSH: NARS Deep Throat using It Cosmetics Blush Brush.


HAIR: NUME Titan 3 Curling Wands, smallest barrel.  Pureology Hydrate Shine Max Spray.


VIDEO TUTORIALS on eyebrows, highlight and contour with blush application, lips, and eyeshadows are on my YouTube channel. Just click the YouTube button on the right column of the screen and it will take you to my YouTube channel.


And finally, here is my one minute YouTube video showing you how I made the Ornament Headband.



LORAC Party Eyeshadow Palette Swatch and Review

IMG_7392LORAC Party Eyeshadow Palette is a gorgeous palette that contains 10 vibrant shimmery eyeshadows.  It is an ULTA exclusive item that launched in December 2014, and it is being sold at $24.  This palette is an excellent deal.  If you think about the LORAC Pro Palettes (shown in the picture on the left to compare the size), which comes with 16 eye shadows at $42, $24 for this Party Palette is a total steal!  I love the pricing point of the LORAC Party Eyeshadow Palette.  Plus, this palette has such fun colors that you don’t get with the LORAC Pro Palettes and other major palettes such as all three of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes.

As you can see in the picture, this palette is smaller than the Pro Palette, but the sizes of each shadow is twice bigger than the Pro Palette size.


The color swatch on my arm shows all 10 shades without eyeshadow primer.  As you can see, the goldish color on the very left and the big highlighting color on the bottom right don’t show up as well as other colors on my skin because my skin color is very similar to these two colors.  But these two colors look very naturally beautiful on my skin.  They are shimmery, light, and brighten up the natural color of my skin.
All the other colors pop nicely and are stunningly beautiful.  You can definitely use eyeshadow primer like Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer under these shadows to make the colors pop out even more and strong.  I would also use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk especially under the light green and aqua blue to bring out the true intensity and color of those two shadows.

This palette is a must have! Besides the gorgeous colors that would look good on any skin tone, the shadows are beautifully pigmented, smooth, and easy to blend.  You can use this palette alone for a complete look, or you can mix the colors from this palette with any other eye shadows that you own.  And at $24, this palette is easy on your wallet, and it is the perfect treat for yourself or a gift to your favorite makeup-loving friend.

I loved it so much that I bought an extra one!  This gorgeous LORAC Party Eye Shadow Palette will be one of the items in my February giveaway.  So if you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, now is the time! I will be hosting monthly giveaways in the year 2015 (some international and some US only) so subscribe and stay tuned.  You can subscribe to my YouTube and follow me on Instagram and Facebook so that you don’t miss any future giveaways.

Here’s my detailed video swatch and review of the Lorac Party Eye Shadow Palette.  In the video, you will see me put each of the 10 colors on my eyes and on my cheeks, with and without primer on.  You will be able to see for yourself just how gorgeous and vibrant these colors are!  And go get your own LORAC Party Palette before it sells out! I have a feeling this one is going to sell out quickly just like the Anastasia Amrezy palette had sold out.

Smearing, Smudging Eye Makeup? Maybe This Can Help!


Hi everyone!  I was asked many times from my fellow Asian beauties about what they can do about smudging, smearing eye makeup.   This used to happen to me all the time too! My eye makeup on top and bottom of my eyes would smear and smudge as the day went on. I remember always wiping under my eyes to get the smudged mascara off during my restroom breaks and smearing it even more in my attempt to erase it.  I think having “hooded eyes” or “Asian eyes” makes that smearing problem a lot worse because when you open your eyes, your skin folds in and hence your makeup disappears.

Then I changed my eyeliners and mascara. Problem solved!

First let’s talk about eyeliners. I’ve found that gel liners are so much better than all types of pencil liners, in terms of precision in the lines you can make, the darkness/depth of the color (usually blacker the better for me), and longevity and integrity of the line. When I used pencil liners, waterproof and non water proof, the eyeshadow on my eyes would sort of get rubbed into my eyelid fold along with the eyeliner and both the eyeshadow and eyeliner would be gone by the afternoon.

This changed when I switched over to gel liners. Now, even with gel liners, there are a couple of ones better for eyes that seem to have smearing, smudging problem. I’ve found that MAC Fluidline and Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner are the best for my eyes. They go on smoothly and they are dark. They both lasted me over a year until they started to get dry- but them it was time to throw them away anyways due to expiration. One tip I can give for keeping these gel liners from drying out: close the cap as quickly as possible, in between dipping.  Even if it takes an extra minute out of your routine, this little habit will help keeping them from drying out.


There are other gel liners that I DO NOT recommend for hooded, Asian eyes or eyes that tend to smear makeup easily. Laura Mercier and Maybelline are both so smooth and deeply pigmented, but they just didn’t dry quickly enough for me. It was like waiting for liquid eyeliner to dry. When I first used these two brands, I opened my eyes fully as soon as I was done lining them, just like I did when I used MAC and Bobbi Brown gel liners, only to find a black line smudged and imprinted on my eyelid. I tried waiting about 10 seconds and sadly, the result was still the same. I ended up returning both Laura Mercier and Maybelline.   I also don’t recommend Stila gel liner because sadly for me, it dried up before 6 months into using it.


Next, if the bottom of your eyes are smearing and smudging, that’s probably from your mascara. So try changing your mascara. I used to have this problem every single day until I changed to waterproof mascara.  Lately I’ve been using Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara. I bought this mascara three times in a row, so that tells you just how much I love this mascara!  This mascara adds fibers to your lashes and I’m not sure if this will sound gross, but those fibers actually come off when you take off your mascara with soap and water or makeup remover.

If you are worried about taking off makeup quickly and easily, try using Neutrogena Facial Wipes. These wipes are my favorite makeup removers and I purchase mine in bulk at Costco, multiple boxes at a time, when they go on sale.  These wipes gently and efficiently takes off all makeup (eyes, lips, face…) and is a total time saver!

So if you have been thinking you were cursed with runny eyemakeup, give these tips a try!


Anastasia Beverly Hills NEW Individual Single Eye Shadow Pans Swatch and Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for her amazing line of eyebrow products. Then a year or two ago, she started launching incredible eyeshadow palettes such as Lavish palette, Amrezy palette,Maya Mia palette, and Tamanna palette, all at an affordable price of $29.  All of her palettes were limited edition and all the palettes were sold out except for the two newest palettes, Maya Mia and Tamanna.  I purchased the Tamanna as soon as it came out because the colors looked gorgeous.  Tamanna palette was my introduction to the eyeshadows from Anastasia Beverly Hills line, and I fell in love with the smooth, highly-pigmented, and easy to blend colors.  Then I started noticing the purple from the sold out Amrezy palette and fell in love with its vibrance.  I’ve searched high and low for a purple like the one from the Amrezy palette, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

But on November 18th,  Anastasia Beverly Hills launched  individual eyeshadows from all of her palettes on her website.  I jumped on it right away and bought 4 single eyeshadows, including the Iridescent Purple and Emerald green from the Amrezy palette, on the morning it launched.  As soon as I received the eyeshadows, I swatched and reviewed them on my YouTube channel.


In this video, I apply two of the colors on my eyes, without primer first, and with primer on the other eye, so that the viewers can see what the colors look like when they are actually applied on your eyelids.    Then I swatch the colors on my cheeks, so the viewers can see the colors clearly. I use Urban Decay eyeshadow primer on one side of the face, and I don’t use the primer on the other side of the face so that the viewers can compare the colors with and without primer on for themselves.  As you will see in the video, the colors are gorgeous with and without the primer on. The iridescent purple really pops with the primer on, and the rosette becomes quite brown with the primer on. But all the colors are perfectly wonderful to use with and without primer.

The four colors that I use in the video are: iridescent purple, opaline, rosette, and emerald
Iridescent purple and emerald are two coveted colors from the sold-out Amrezy palette.

I am wearing Goddess lashes by Koko Lashes and LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Peony (see my swatches and review of the lip paints here http://youtu.be/_99Ax4Lqb-o

Perfect Eyebrows in Three Simple Steps

On July 31, 2014, Turtle and Leaf Blog featured my Eyebrow Tutorial video.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Perfect Eyebrows in Three Simple Steps

Hey there, hayyyy! Are you happy it’s Friday? Me too! And if you’re going out tonight I have a special treat! Sarah Sori, who gave you this big, sexy curls tutorial is guest posting on how to get perfect brow in three simple steps. Read for more only if you want perfect brows!

 Watch her Youtube video and see product details and additional tips below!


In this video, I show you three simple steps to achieve perfectly defined eyebrows. Just follow the simple steps and you will be on your way in achieving perfect brows.

As you can see for yourself, I wasn’t born with thick brows. I have to fill in my sparse brows and draw in the arch. The best products by far, are from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I use the brow powder and dipbrow to achieve a natural looking transition from the beginning of the brows to the end tail. Using a good angled brush is important too, in achieving the perfect arch and a clean line. I have used my trusty MAC angled brush for the past 15 years for my eyebrows.

Products used in order of appearance in the video:
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder in ebony
MAC small angled brush
Anastasia BeverlyHills dipbrow in dark brown
MAC studio finish concealer 
Brush that came in Urban Decay naked palette